Webinar: The Integrated Sponsorship Path

Webinar: The Integrated Sponsorship Path (Webinar: The Integrated Sponsorship Path)

The Integrated Sponsorship Path - Less Time, Better Outcomes

In courting sponsors, there is much duplication of efforts – especially at small to medium-sized nonprofits. What if there was one system to organize and connect the outreach, follow-up and stewardship of various types of sponsors including companies, foundations or individuals? There is...

The Integrated Sponsorship Path is a five-step model that simplifies the process and produces better outcomes, virtually eliminating the need for cold calling. The webinar agenda includes:

  • Introduction – The Case for Connecting
  • Assess - Stakeholders, Strengths, Challenges and Opportunities
  • Share – Inspiring Case Studies and System to Integrate
  • Prep – Identify Your Best Opportunities and Behind The Scenes Strategy
  • Engage - Start Conversations, Get to yes and Shape 18-month Calendar
  • Implement – The Essential Stewardship Plan
  • The Shift – Building Consensus Among Leaderships

Participants will learn the basics of this model and identify three next steps that make most sense for their organization.   The webinar is appropriate for all skill levels, from newbies to savvy fundraisers.  Board members are STRONGLY encouraged to participate in the webinar with staff. *KNN members (board and staff) will receive exclusive access to a 30 minute Q&A with Barbara followoing the webinar (1:00-1:30pm EST).

Registration Fee  $20 KNN members, $40 potential members


Barbara Harrington, founder of Sponsorship Plus, has created and implemented ethical sponsorship programs for scores of clients in markets across the country from Big Brothers Big Sisters in Pennsylvania to the Indianapolis Museum of Art to the Minnesota State Fair. Clients often credit her Integrated Sponsorship Path model as key to aligning real-world solutions for sustainable fundraising success. The model provides a simplified system for starting conversations with corporate decision-makers, foundations and individual donors. Barbara builds teams among staff and board through deep listening and sharing what she’s learned.  She is high energy, knowledgeable and generous in sharing her expertise.  Barbara is part of Bank of America’s prestigious Connecting Leaders To Learning National Speakers Series and has published three sponsorship books The Essential Sponsorship Toolkit, The Essence of Sponsorship and Advance Sponsorship Sales.  Prior to starting Sponsorship Plus, Barbara worked in marketing for Six Flags Darien Lake as well as a News Anchor.

Start Time: 
Wednesday, September 20, 2017 - 12:00
From the comfort of your desk!