KY Nonprofit Racial Equity Task Force

KNN launched the Kentucky Nonprofit Racial Equity Task Force to guide us in our efforts to measure and improve racial equity in the nonprofit sector. The goal of this work is to help organizations build on the core strengths of diversity, equity, and inclusion - making space for greater client trust and engagement; larger employee, board and volunteer pools; better collaboration and decision-making; and stronger results. Through the work of the Task Force, KNN strives to engage nonprofits across Kentucky in strategies that will increase representation, access and inclusion for people of color.

Task force members are nonprofit leaders from across Kentucky, and the work officially began in January 2021. The Task Force is one outcome of KNN's commitment to racial and social equity, and will engage nonprofit organizations of all sizes to increase representation, access, and inclusion for people of color.  

The first phase of the Task Force is funded by a generous grant from Toyota

If you'd like to learn more about engaging in this important work, email us at KNN


Task Force Members: 

    Jen Algire

    The Greater Clark Foundation

    Jessica Berry

    YMCA of Central Kentucky

    Catrena Bowman-Thomas

    Northern Kentucky Community Action Commission

    Danielle Clore

    Kentucky Nonprofit Network