KNN's Commitment to Racial & Social Equity

Charitable nonprofits are trusted and central members of their communities and can play an essential role in the movement for social and racial equity. As the state association of nonprofits, Kentucky Nonprofit Network has an important opportunity to lead efforts to address the inequities in and inherent with our nonprofit sector.

Through our work, we aim to advance racial and social equity to create communities where all have access, supports and opportunities to reach their full potential. As board and staff members, we commit to these actions:

KNN's Commitment to Racial & Social Equity

  • Increasing access to cultural competency training and resources for KNN staff, board members and KNN members
  • Increasing diversity in KNN’s professional and volunteer leadership to reflect the larger community
  • Identifying and eliminating racial and social equity barriers in KNN programs, services, policies and practices
  • Engage with or serve as a convener of diverse stakeholders, including those with lived experience, and actively participate in conversations and partnerships that develop equitable solutions to address community needs and injustices
  • Pledging to lead by example
    • Checking our own biases and taking meaningful action to understand and mitigate them
    • Initiating meaningful and sometimes difficult conversations with our colleagues
    • Continuing to ask ourselves if “our actions and words reflect our values of inclusion”

Amended by the KNN board of directors on 12/13/23.

Invitation to members: 

Kentucky Nonprofit Network invites others to use this policy and our action steps as a template for considering and crafting your own organization’s policy as we all engage in a collective journey toward racial and social equity.

Click here to learn more about KNN's racial equity resources.