KNN Retirement Solution


Helping KNN Members Become Employers of Choice

Nearly every nonprofit seeking to implement or change their employee retirement program tells KNN the same thing. They are looking for a retirement solution to help them become an employer of choice that:

  1. is easy to launch and manage,
  2. protects the organization, and
  3. is affordable.

New federal regulations have paved the way for KNN to launch a Packaged Retirement Solution for our members that creates economies of scale and provides significant administrative efficiencies - making it easier than ever to affordably offer a great retirement benefit for your employees. 


What is the KNN Retirement Solution?

Our Retirement Solution is a qualified retirement plan adopted by multiple, unrelated employers through their KNN membership. This packaged solution brings together vetted partners providing KNN members with the opportunity to outsource many of the important administrative, recordkeeping, and fiduciary services of a 401k plan. Essentially, this packaged solution gives nonprofits access to a professionally maintained 401k plan without all of the headache. 


How Can the KNN Retirement Solution Save Us Time & Money?

Our Retirement Solution provides KNN members an opportunity for potential cost savings, fewer administrative responsibilities, and other benefits when compared to operating a single employer plan on your own. Time is money. KNN's Retirement Solution provides our members exclusive access to a customized solution, a professionally maintained investment menu, and streamlined administration that reduces the most time-consuming tasks of managing a 401k plan for your employees.

Click here to take a peek at the vast difference in the responsibilities of a 401k plan with KNN's Retirement Solution vs. establishing/maintaining your own 401k plan.

PLUS, join the KNN Retirement Solution in 2024 and get a $500 fee credit toward your plan sponsor fees! Through their Just Right Advantage Program, Voya Financial is offering a $500 fee credit for nonprofit employers who establish a new plan or transfer their plan to the KNN Retirement Solution. Employers must meet certain eligibility criteria by allowing their employees access to professional investment advice through Voya (optional for employees; no cost to employer). Learn more from Voya by clicking the “contact an advisor” button below. Don’t miss out - finalize your participation in the KNN Retirement Solution by December 31, 2024 to access this $500 fee credit!


Who's the Team Behind KNN's Retirement Solution?

We've done the homework for you. KNN selected a team that understand the needs of nonprofits and developed a unique packaged solution to meet these needs - no matter your size or budget.

  • R(k)G Retirement (k)oncierge Group - the plan administrator. R(k)G provides 3(16) essential plan services, signs and files you organization's annual 5500, interprets and provides plan documents, and more.
  • Voya Financial - the recordkeeper. Voya manages enrollment through their award-winning online portal, and stands ready to answer participant questions by phone or chat.
  • FiduciaryPath Advisors - the fiduciary. FiduciaryPath (also known as FlexPath) is responsbile for developing the fund lineup to leverage mega-plan priced investments, maintaining investment policy statements, and ongoing monitoring of the fund lineup, modifying as prudently necessary.
  • Kentucky Nonprofit Network - the state association. KNN is the gateway to this opporutnity for our members, providing ongoing support and education along the way. 
  • YOU - your nonprofit is your own plan sponsor. This means your organization makes your OWN 401(k) plan decisions regarding employer contributions, vesting requirements, matching opportunities, loans, and more. You have the flexibility without all of the administrative headache. And if this is your first time offering a plan, R(k)G is here to assist you every step of the way!

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Why KNN's Retirement Solution?

  • You and your employees deserve access to a professionally maintained retirement savings vehicle.
  • To recruit and retain employees, nonprofits must compete to be employers of choice - a retirement benefit is an important part of a comprehensive benefits package.
  • We've done the homework for you - KNN has vetted the partners and found a solution that is easy to launch and maintain.
  • It's competitive. If this is a new benefit, we understand it's a big step. If you have an existing retirement program, we understand you want the best for your team. Either way, this packaged retirement solution is designed to offer you fair pricing and simplicity.
  • We're here to support you. KNN and our partners are with you every step of the way.
  • Invest in your state association - participation in KNN's Retirement Solution is an investment in the advocacy, education, and networking you and nonprofits across Kentucky rely on.


Learn more and meet the KNN Retirement Solution partners in this video: 



Click here to access a Town Hall Recording where our partners from Voya and R(k)G share information about the SECURE 2.0 act, including key provisions that affect employers.


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