Employee Benefits Program

KNN is excited to announce our newest member benefit with our partner, Peel & Holland - designed to address member concerns of escalating health insurance costs and confusion surrounding the Affordable Care Act.  Offered exclusively to eligible KNN members, your nonprofit can benefit from:

  • An insured program through Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield
  • Full service benefits advisory
  • Association member-only rates
  • Variety of plan choices
  • A dedicated benefits support team to help you navigate the new, complex healthcare reform rules and regulations

To learn more about this new member benefit, click here to download the FAQ or contact KNN today




Peel & Holland has been around for more than 90 years and has a team of experts dedicated to working with organizations like yours.

Health Care Reform

By mastering health care reform, Peel & Holland makes sure you are compliant and help enhance your benefits while controlling your costs, thereby fostering a great workplace.

Efficient Administration

Peel & Holland's administrative support team will be the single point of contact for handling all your benefit questions, issues and concerns.

Comprehensive Approach

Many agents stop with the basics, but going beyond the basics is part of Peel & Holland's standard approach, offering a myriad of coverages, including medical, prescription, dental, vision, disability, group life and a variety of voluntary products and more.

Power in Membership

By investing in your benefits with the KNN Benefits Advisory Program, even if you do not utilize the Association Plan, you are investing in efforts to improve outcomes for members all across the Commonewalth.

The KNN Benefits Program Difference

In addition to the KNN Association Plan, members will be able to utilize a wide variety of other carriers, plans and services to help improve the bottom-line and streamline the benefits advisory process.

KNN Association Plan

The KNN medical, vision, EAP (employee assistance program) and Rx plan as offered through Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield will act as a single large employer plan available to qualifying member employees.