2023 Public Policy

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2023 Public Policy & Legislative Priorities 

Strengthening communities through a strong nonprofit sector and workforce:
  • Advocate for strategic investment of remaining Nonprofit Assistance Fund dollars, established through a 2022 appropriation of state ARPA funds, to strengthen the capacity of Kentucky’s nonprofit sector.
  • Support legislation and policies that support initiatives to ensure a living wage and employee benefits that empowers nonprofits to be employers of choice and compete in the marketplace for employees, ensuring that nonprofits can address the workforce shortage and that quality and effective services exist for Kentuckians.
  • Advocate for state data collection on the economic importance of Kentucky’s nonprofit sector.

Public-private partnerships for the public good: Promote and support executive action or legislation that address systemic problems with nonprofit-government contracting, including streamlining contracts and contracts paying nonprofit for the cost of doing business (as outlined by the Government Contracting Task Force, 11/15/16).

  • Advocate for the General Assembly to establish a budgetary policy that requires the commonwealth to sufficiently fund their partnerships with the nonprofits the state has chosen to contract with for the provision of statutorily required services, as well intervention and prevention services – ensuring that effective, quality, uninterrupted services exist for the residents of the commonwealth and that nonprofits can maximize the full impact of taxpayer dollars.

Tax policy that empowers community solutions through nonprofits:

  • Support expanded, enhanced and new tax and other incentives for individuals and businesses, including a universal non-itemizer charitable giving tax deduction, at the federal and state level to encourage individuals to give generously to the work of charitable nonprofits. Actively oppose floors, caps or limits on existing incentives that would harm the sector’s ability to leverage philanthropic support.

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  • Oppose the imposition of taxes, fees, or payments in lieu of taxes (PILOTS) on tax-exempt nonprofits, as well as oppose requirements to collect and remit sales and use taxes from individuals receiving services from charitable nonprofits.
  • Support policies that maintain and, where appropriate, expand nonprofit exemptions from paying state and local property, sales, and use taxes. 

Nonprofit advocacy rights and civic engagement: 

  • Preserve the integrity of charitable nonprofits by supporting the tax-law ban on electioneering and partisan political activities and oppose restrictions on the advocacy rights of charitable nonprofits.
  • Oppose legislation, policies, and practices the prevent individuals from voting and exercising their civic responsibilities.

Nonprofit independence and ensuring public trust: Support reasonable and non-burdensome regulations and policies that allow nonprofits to earn and maintain public trust through appropriate transparency. Oppose policies or legislation that impose increased costs, burdens, barriers, limitations, or liabilities on nonprofits – negatively impacting their ability to effectively accomplish their core mission.

  • Oppose policies and legislation that do not ensure that personal information about individual donors to 501(c)3 charitable nonprofits remains protected from public disclosure, while also ensuring that government agencies that regulate 501(c)3 charitable nonprofits and other exempt organizations have access to the information they need to protect the public and the integrity of the nonprofit sector by providing oversight of nonprofits.

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