2018 Legislative Session

Download the 2018 Legislative Priorities & Public Policy Quick Summary, Easy Handout with Economic Facts and Full Agenda PDF.

2018 Public Policy & Legislative Priorities


  • Amend Kentucky Revised Statutes regarding nonprofit corporations – modernize these laws to protect the best interests of the sector, and ensure that no unnecessary hardships are placed on nonprofit organizations.

*NEW* [House Bill 443 - a bill to modernize the laws governing nonprofits was signed into law by Governor Bevin on April 26, 2018 and is effective July 14, 2018!  Click to download the one page summary, webinar recording and check out the press release.  Also check out KNN's additional work on this issue in 2015 (House Bill 440).]


  • Promote and support tax policy that empowers community solutions through nonprofits.

[Check out KNN's Tax Cuts and Jobs Act FAQ and great resources on the impact of the new law from the National Council of Nonprofits.]

  • Support existing, enhanced, and new tax and other incentives (including a non-itemizer deduction) at the federal, state, and local levels that encourage individuals to volunteer their time and contribute money to the missions of all charitable nonprofits and oppose floors, caps or limits on existing charitable giving incentives.

[Kentucky's state charitable giving tax deduction remains in place following passage of revenue bills! Check out KNN’s one page summary on the importance of Kentucky’s charitable giving tax deduction.]

​[Learn more about the importance of protecting charitable giving tax incentives and check out resources from the National Council of Nonprofits.]

  • Oppose the imposition of fees, payments in lieu of taxes (PILOTs), and taxes on tax-exempt nonprofit organizations.

​[Check out resources from the National Council of Nonprofits.]

  • Maintain and – where appropriate – expand nonprofit exemptions from paying state and local property, sales and use taxes and from collecting sales and use taxes.  


​[Check out KNN's legislative victory to establish the Task Force in 2015 and these resources from the National Council of Nonprofits.]


  • Promote, support and protect the advocacy rights of nonprofit organizations.

    • ​​Preserve the integrity of charitable nonprofits by supporting the tax-law ban on electioneering and partisan political activities.

​[Check out this one page summary on critical efforts to protect the Johnson Amendment and KNN's Op-Ed with the Kentucky Council of Churches, as well as additional resources from the National Council of Nonprofits.  You can also view our FREE webinar recording.]

  • Oppose restrictions on the advocacy rights of charitable nonprofits.

​[Check out resources from the National Council of Nonprofits.]