Public Policy Priorities and Agenda

Kentucky Nonprofit Network Public Policy Agenda


Kentucky Nonprofit Network’s public policy agenda provides clear principles common to all nonprofits regarding policy priorities at the federal, state and local levels.  The following agenda represents our annual framework for addressing public policy that impacts and strengthens nonprofits in Kentucky.

  • Nonprofit Sector Public Awareness – Educate policy makers and the general public on the breadth, scope and economic importance of the nonprofit sector in Kentucky and in the United States.
  • Nonprofit Exempt Status Protection – Support actions to preserve and protect the tax-exempt status of nonprofits and promote policies that strengthen the nonprofit economy.
  • Charitable Giving and Volunteerism – Preserve and enact policies that effectively incentivize citizens to donate and volunteer to support the work of Kentucky’s charitable organizations. 
  • Nonprofit-Government Relations – Improve and strengthen the nonprofit-government relationship through reforms to the contracting and grant making processes. Advocate for government’s payment of the full cost of services provided on its behalf by nonprofits. Encourage all nonprofits to be meaningful participants in the state and local budget processes.
  • Advocacy and Lobbying Rights, Civic Participation – Protect the rights of all 501 (c)(3) organizations to advocate for their respective missions and strengthen the ability of Kentucky nonprofits to engage in the public policy arena.  Protect nonprofits’ right to promote democracy and civic participation, including voting, on a non-partisan basis.
  • Best Practices and Accountability – Support actions which provide fair and reasonable expectations of accountability within the nonprofit sector.  Enhance the ability of Kentucky nonprofits to function at the highest levels of governance, integrity, efficiency and transparency and be accountable to the public they serve, while working to ensure that registration and disclosure requirements are necessary, reasonable, and non-burdensome.
  • Economic and Workforce Development – Support actions that enhance and strengthen the nonprofit sector’s vital role in Kentucky’s economy. Actively engage in advancing policies that support diverse, equitable and inclusive workplaces and communities that will help all Kentuckians thrive, including policies and legislation that address systemic inequities. Oppose legislation or actions that adversely impact or threaten the effectiveness of nonprofits, including employment laws and rules, alternative funding mechanisms and sector independence.