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NEW Volunteer Management Recordings available: 

Re-engaging Volunteers: Transforming Disruption to Impact (recorded June 2023) 

Rewriting the Rules of Volunteer Engagement: Rethinking Recruitment, Retention, and Recognition (recorded May 2023)

Effective Volunteer Management in Blue Skies & in Times of Disaster (recorded January 2023)


You spoke and we listened! So many of you have shared the need for support as you manage or re-launch your volunteer program during the pandemic and beyond. We have also heard from Kentuckians that they want to volunteer and aren't sure how. KNN partnered with Serve Kentucky to bring you Virtual Volunteer Management resources. Download 4 FREE webinars below, led by volunteer management expert, Beth Steinhorn of VQ Volunteer Strategies.


    RECRUITING VOLUNTEERS? Watch this video of a KNN Town Hall Meeting, where Serve Kentucky demos their FREE Volunteer KY volunteer management/recruitment platform.


    KNN's Volunteer Management Initiative is a series of webinar recordings and resources to provide nonprofit leaders with a complete set of tools for effective volunteer program management!  Each webinar recording can be viewed whenever and wherever you choose.  Each also includes a downloadable tool(s).  


    Whether new to volunteer management or a seasoned pro seeking a refresher or specific content, you can plug in to the resources that you need. Only seeking information on one topic? Simply purchase that recording. Want access to the entire series? You can you purchase that too.  Want to save and receive bonus risk management content free?  Become a KNN member today!


    The VMI helps you effectively manage your organization's volunteer program with the latest in recommended best practices and on your time, at your pace, at an affordable price.


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    Trends in Volunteer Engagement (1/9)

    The kickoff to the series, this webinar explores how volunteerism is changing, delving into the social, economic, and generational trends that affect how organizations attract and sustain volunteer engagement. Learn how successful organizations are shifting from a traditional culture of volunteer management to a culture of robust volunteer engagement. Explore how to move toward more collaborative working relationships that utilize the skills and interests of high-impact volunteers to build organizational capacity.

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    Developing Strategic Volunteer Roles (2/9)

    Designing strategic volunteer roles means crafting opportunities that leverage volunteer interests while also addressing real organizational needs. Conducting a needs assessment with others in the organization is one way to develop new, strategic roles while crafting comprehensive descriptions is important even for existing roles as they help to assess whether the role is, in fact strategic, and provides the foundation for recruiting, screening, accountability, and even recognition.

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    Recruiting Volunteers (3/9)

    You have volunteer opportunities, but how do you find the qualified individuals to fill these vital roles? This webinar explores how to embrace a culture of cultivation by equipping staff and volunteers to become talent scouts on behalf of the organization. Strategies to identify the right target markets for available volunteer roles, craft effective recruitment messages,and develop a recruitment plan will be shared.

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    Screening and Placement (4/9)

    Impactful engagement relies on finding the best match between your organization’s needs and the skills and interests of prospective volunteers. Investing time in interviewing candidates especially for high-impact roles is time well spent! Explore the value of interviewing volunteers, which types of volunteer positions should require interviews, who should be involved in screening, and how to develop interesting and enlightening interview questions.

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    Onboarding and Training (5/9)

    Research has shown organizations with effective training for volunteers and the staff who engage them are more adaptable, sustainable, and impactful. Training increases effectiveness and satisfaction, while also reducing turnover. Boost your ability to train staff and volunteers for success through a training plan and tips for helping staff to build accountability and provide volunteers with feedback.

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    Building Accountability and Success (6/9)

    All too often, challenges with volunteers affect make many staff members reluctant to engage other volunteers at all. However, most challenges can be avoided by ensuring that organizations take the time to set volunteers and staff up for success by creating a culture of accountability. This webinar walks through six vital steps to building accountability and success in volunteer engagement, including expectation setting, checking progress, and providing meaningful feedback. Participants will even get a few tips for navigating sticky situations. 

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    Recognition and Communicating Impact (7/9)

    Most nonprofits recognize volunteers for their contributions in a number of ways, yet, research shows that there is a disconnect between what volunteers prefer and what organizations actually provide. It’s time to rethink recognition and consider how organizations can align recognition efforts more closely with what motivates volunteers. Join this webinar to explore what research demonstrates about effective recognition, learn emerging trends in measuring impact, and learn how to create a recognition plan that will enhance your culture of appreciation.

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    Leveraging Required Service Volunteers (8/9)

    More and more, volunteers want days of service (one-and-done events) while others seek to fulfill community service requirements. For volunteer engagement professionals, these trends can seem challenging, but they also present opportunities. In this webinar, we’ll explore the growing trends in episodic volunteer, consider how to design appropriate roles for short-term volunteers, and provide tips and strategies to make the most of days of service by transforming episodic volunteers into ongoing volunteers. 

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    Organizational Commitment to Volunteer Engagement (9/9)

    What does it mean for an organization to shift from viewing volunteers as a program to, instead, embracing volunteer engagement as a core strategy? Join this webinar to understand the power and potential of harnessing volunteer talent and gain tools to make that case to leadership, the community, and funders. Leave with ideas and tools to help carve a path forward to your organization make that shift.

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    Managing Risk 

    This webinar explores 5 risks associated with volunteer service. Learn more about each category of risk—and what can go wrong. You’ll gain practical tips to protect your mission, assets and people. You’ll also learn about the role of insurance as a risk financing tool for claims involving volunteers.

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    Free Resources

    (Virtual Volunteer Management Series)


    Webinar Recording: Volunteer Engagement Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic (Virtual Volunteer Management Series, Webinar 1 of 4)

    Join other Kentucky volunteer engagement professionals to learn, share, and move forward together amid the coronavirus pandemic. We know some of you have ceased engaging volunteers, while others have adapted your practices to meet new health restrictions, and still others are exploring new ways to leverage volunteers safely to deliver on your mission. Hear how other organizations are engaging volunteers and adapting practices to respond, learn tools and guidelines, and explore solutions.

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    Webinar Recording: “Real” Best Practices for "Virtual" Volunteers

     (Virtual Volunteer Management Series, Webinar 2 of 4)

    In this webinar, explore how to identify needs that can be addressed by virtual volunteers and gain tools and tips to adapt best practices in engagement to the virtual arena. At this challenging time, you can still engage volunteers while keeping them, your staff, and the community safe – and, by establishing systems now for virtual engagement, you’ll build your capacity to engage volunteers for years to come.

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    Webinar Recording: On-site to On-line: Adapting Training for Virtual Presentation (Virtual Volunteer Management Series, Webinar 3 of 4)

    Delivering training online is not as simple as just recording in-person trainings and posting them online. To effectively train through virtual technology requires planning, thought, and - believe it or not - more time from the trainer. In this webinar, revisit the fundamentals of volunteer onboarding and training and explore how those basics apply to virtual trainings. Discover how to adapt existing curriculum to online delivery and how to fully leverage technology for new trainings. Gain tips on how to encourage participation, check for learning, and ensure the volunteers who complete training are ready to serve.

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    Webinar Recording: Nurturing a Team Culture Across the Ether

     (Virtual Volunteer Management Series, Webinar 4 of 4)

    In this webinar, discover tactics to nurture your community of volunteers by structuring virtual roles, leveraging social media, strategically designing communications, checking-in regularly, and celebrating together – even if virtually. Remember, individuals often start volunteering to make a difference, but they stay when they feel a part of a team. So nurturing a team spirit now among virtual volunteers will serve your future well.

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