Kentucky Nonprofits & COVID-19/Coronavirus

Last updated May 22, 2020

KNN is actively monitoring recommendations related to the COVID-19 pandemic, and we are in frequent communication with colleagues in Kentucky, at the National Council of Nonprofits, and other state nonprofit associations across the country. During this challenging time, nonprofits have an important leadership role: you are tasked with your personal health, the health of your team, and your role in serving the community effectively. We are all in uncharted territory, but KNN is committed to continuing to curate the latest resources to help you stay safe and meet your mission. 
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We need to hear from YOU!

Kentucky Nonprofit NetworkGrantmakers of Kentucky, and regional partners are gathering needed information from Kentucky’s nonprofits about the impact of COVID-19. We have developed a rapid response poll that will take roughly 10-12 minutes to complete. Your responses are critical and will enable KNN, GOK and other partners to determine the resources needed. The inital survey deadline was Thursday, March 19, however we encourage one representative from your organizaiton to complete the survey if you haven't, and you are welcome to revisit the survey to share information as your circumstances change (please have the same person update the survey). Click the button below to take the survey. 


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      General COVID-19 Information

      ​​How are nonprofits being affected?

      With business shutdowns and the number of cases in Kentucky growing, nonprofits are experiencing a wide range of impacts, including:
      • staff and volunteer absences,
      • disruption of services to your clients and communities,
      • disruption of supplies or services provided by your partners,
      • cancellation of programs or events offered for your clients and communities,
      • cancellation of fundraising events and corresponding reduced revenue,
      • increased demand for services/support from your clients and communities,
      • increased expenses and decreased revenue, 
      • budgetary implications related to strains on the economy. Since nonprofits often operate in a marginal financial position, these sorts of impacts are difficult to absorb.

      Help us help you!

      How is the pandemic affecting your nonprofit and the people you serve? Share your stories and questions to help KNN identify and develop resources and continue to be your advocate with our state and federal officials and our colleagues in philanthropy. If you would like to see other resources on this page, please click here to let us know.