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Board Member Position Description
Board President/Chair Position Description
Board Secretary Position Description
Board Treasurer Position Description
Board Vice-Chair and/or Chair-Elect Position Description 
Committee Chair Position Description 
Conflict of Interest Policy & Disclosure
Document Retention Policy Model 
Document Retention Policies – What Every Nonprofit Should Know
Board Member Expense Reimbursement Policy 
Board Committee Descriptions
Chief Executive Performance Evaluation Policy
Chief Executive Performance Evaluation Form
Chief Executive Compensation Policy
Leadership Succession Plan
Whistleblower Policy 1
Document Retention Policy 1 Policy 2
Board Member Agreement
Board Skill Matrix 1 
Board Member Application
Board Pledge Form
Board Giving Policy
Board Attendance Policy
Board Code of Ethics Policy
and Code of Ethics Policy
Board Member Handbook/Orientation Manual

Resource Links

Better Business Bureau Charity Accountability Standards
Blue Avocado’s “Board Café” Column
Board Effect Research Report
Creating a Social Media Policy
Crit Luallen, Former Auditor of Public Accounts, Recommendations for Public and Nonprofit Boards
Free Management Library
Free Management Library: Toolkit for Boards
Internal Revenue Service: Stay Exempt
Internal Revenue Service: Executive Compensation Policies and Instructions for Form 990
Internal Revenue Service: Lifecycle of a Public Charity
Minnesota Council of Nonprofits: Sample Officer Descriptions 
National Council of Nonprofits Resources on Boards and Governance 
Nonprofit Risk Management Center
Benchmarking and Analyzing Salaries: A Fast How-To


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