Best Practices Partnership

The Kentucky Nonprofit Best Practices Partnership is a commitment made by nonprofit organizations, their leaders and the Kentucky Nonprofit Network to promote and implement best practices that encourage efficient, effective and ethical operations to best meet community needs. The Partnership includes the voluntary use of a partnership seal and an online listing of charitable nonprofits committed to continuous improvement through use of the Principles & Practices for Nonprofit Excellence in Kentucky tools as general guidelines for strengthening the accountability, transparency and overall management of their organization.

Download the application to participate in the Partnership.

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To participate, Kentucky Nonprofit Best Practices Partners must:

*Use of other tools is encouraged and other appropriate best practice tools will also be recognized.


Why Should Nonprofits Participate in the Best Practices Partnership?

  • Set your organization apart – show your good faith commitment to achieving accountability, transparency, ethical decision-making, stewardship and effective program and service delivery.

  • Join with other nonprofits to educate the community about the important social and economic impact of the nonprofit sector.

  • Enhance the impact of your mission through implementation of nonprofit management and governance best practices.


How Nonprofits are Actively Promoted in the Partnership:

  • Recognized as participants on the Kentucky Best Practices Partnership Registry

  • Utilize the Kentucky Best Practices Partnership seal online and in print, when appropriate

  • Actively promote participation in the Partnership online, in print and via social media


Steps to Participate in the Kentucky Nonprofit Best Practices Partnership:

  • Review and discuss the Principles & Practices for Nonprofit Excellence in Kentucky tools and the Kentucky Nonprofit Best Practices Partnership opportunity with your key staff and board of directors.

  • Secure commitment from the board and key staff leaders to utilize the Principles & Practices tools to implement best practices at your organization

  • Approve a board resolution formalizing the organization’s commitment to encourage and implement best practices

  • Complete the application – submit all paperwork

  • Join the Kentucky Nonprofit Network (if not already a member)

  • Receive Partnership seal – a decal will be provided to post in your office and an electronic copy will be provided to use online, in print, via social media, etc.

  • The organization will be listed in the Kentucky Best Practices Partnership Online Registry

  • KNN will continue promoting the Partnership members and the Online Registry

  • Your nonprofit continues to promote your participation in the Partnership

  • Your nonprofit continues the important work of utilizing the Principles & Practices tools to strengthen your organization

  • Renew your participation in the Partnership annually with renewed KNN membership and a resolution stating the board’s continued commitment.