Ask-an-Expert at the Forum


What is Ask-an-Expert?

Ask-an-Expert is a feature at the Kentucky Nonprofit Leadership Forum providing nonprofit leaders with an opportunity to visit with professionals and consultants (all KNN members) offering a variety of expertise and guidance.  


How Does It Work?

Free, 20-minute time slots are available on both October 29 and 30 to Forum registrants on a first-come, first-served basis. If you are interested to participate, simply find the expert below and click on their name to learn more about their expertise and schedule an appointment.

After I Schedule an Appointment, Then What?

Prior to the Forum, the consultant(s) you’ve selected to visit will reach out to confirm your time and gather some basic information as to the issues you’d like to address during your visit.  Note: you must be registered to attend the Forum to participate in Ask-an-Expert (see "Register Now" button to the right).

Most all Ask-an-Expert consultations will occur in the main dining room at the Forum, however please check in at the registration desk to confirm. Again, you will receive a 20 minute consultation, so be prepared with your questions, be on time and please respect the 20-minute timeslot - these are introductory consultations and follow-up with your expert is encouraged.


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Coming Soon: Schedule Your Appointment!

Click on the name of the Expert to read more and to schedule your 20-minute session at the Forum.


Ask-An-Expert FAQ

Can I schedule more than one consultation at the Forum?  Yes, you may.

Am I obligated to hire the company or consultant I schedule a visit with?  Absolutely not.  While you may choose to continue discussions with the experts(s) after the Forum (and may ultimately choose to hire the company or consultant), you are not obligated in any way.  Ask-an-Expert is designed to be a great resource for asking questions, gaining an opinion and meeting potential professionals/consultants offering services to nonprofits and their leaders. 

What if the individual I’d like to schedule a consultation with is not available when I am available?  If you can’t find a time to visit at the Forum, we urge you to connect with the professional/consultant sometime during the Forum and request an opportunity for a call.

Why are the consultations scheduled during the Forum sessions and not during breaks?  Many of our experts are also exhibitors.  To effectively connect with the general Forum audience and provide Ask-an-Expert participants with an uninterrupted visit, time slots are available when exhibitors are needed to staff their exhibit booth.  

Should I skip my Forum session if it conflicts with my Ask-an-Expert visit?  We urge you to attend as much of a selected Forum session as you can and do ask that you quietly enter and exit sessions to minimize disruption for the presenter and other Forum participants.  It’s our hope that from the Forum schedule, you will be able to identify a time slot that works for you and has at least one available consultant in your area of interest.

What if I need to change or cancel my scheduled consultation?  Simply  We will do our best to help you reschedule, if possible.

What if the expertise I seek isn’t provided by the experts at this year’s Forum?  If you identify an area of expertise missing in the schedule, please share with us for consideration next year.  We are eager to hear from everyone participating in Ask-an-Expert to make this a valuable opportunity.

Will any time slots be available on site at the Forum? Possibly.  You are welcome to check with the registration desk at the Forum to see if any time slots for consultation are available.

Is my consultation confidential? If you have concerns about this, please share them directly with your expert when they reach out to you via email in advance of your visit.

What if I cannot address my issues in 20 minutes? Please remember, these are 20-minute introductory consultations that provide you with a great opportunity to "test the waters" with the consultant.  As such, we ask that you please respect the 20 minute timeslot.  If you can address your issues in 20 minutes and need no further assistance at this time - great!  If you do need additional assistance, you hope the Ask-an-Expert opportunity will help you select a consultant to utilize in the future.