Kentucky Nonprofits & COVID-19/Coronavirus

Last updated October 22, 2020

KNN continues to curate the latest resources to help nonprofits keep your team and your constituents safe while meeting your mission.  If you see something mission that you'd like for us to add, please let us know.
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Kentucky Nonprofit Network is partnering with Grantmakers of Kentucky to relaunch our survey to check in on Kentucky's nonprofits to understand the issues you are facing, the impact of COVID-19, and how you are moving forward. Your responses inform KNN, grantmakers, and other partners on how to best support the sector and your responses are vital to our advocacy efforts on the sector's behalf. Please tell us how your nonprofit is doing - click the button below to take the check-in survey.

    *Click here to access email addresses and twitter accounts of Kentucky's federal delegation.

    Relief/Loans Available for Nonprofits


    Medicaid & Other Assistance

    Reopening, Business Continuity Planning, & Future Planning

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      Board Governance

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      Comprehensive Resources for Nonprofits

      General COVID-19 Information

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      How is the pandemic affecting your nonprofit and the people you serve? Share your stories and questions to help KNN identify and develop resources and continue to be your advocate with our state and federal officials and our colleagues in philanthropy. If you would like to see other resources on this page, please click here to let us know.